Lead Generation and List Building

posted under by CLYDE
Super affiliates spend as much or more time working to get qualified leads onto their opt-in lists as they do converting those leads.

The money is in the list, but why?

The reason is that “selling” is really all about relationships.

Sales don't exist in a vacuum. There is always a seller and a customer in relationship with each other – whether they meet face-to-face at a physical store or conduct business miles apart from each other via the Internet.

Yes, you could just send traffic to a sales page and hope that some of the visitors actually purchase a product.

When you do this, you are gambling on the law of averages to create your income and, frankly, the odds are not in your favor. When you build your own leads list, however, you benefit from
the following 4 outcomes:

1) Potential customers interact with you (the affiliate) first, rather than going directly to the merchant.

2) You have more control over the customer's perceptions of the product because you can pre-sell or 'educate' them in ways the merchant does not. (This is especially important if you are promoting the product of a merchant who has a mediocre sales letter.)

3) You are able to generate repeat business from existing customers. As long as you've got someone on your list, you can promote multiple, market-specific products to him in one place.

4) Over time, the trust you establish with your list will generate more sales. You'll see a lot more returns for the work you've put in.

Also, when you build a list, your customers and subscribers benefit from:

The high-quality information you provide to them. You'll be able to help them find the solutions they need to improve their lives.

Better buying experiences. Your trusted recommendations also lead them to appropriate solutions, and this takes the stress out of buying products/services on-line.

So, the affiliate opt-in list is not just a powerful sales tool, but also a win-win method for everyone doing business on-line. It helps you streamline communication with prospects, as well as nurture the relationship you have with existing customers.

This is why super affiliates are constantly seeking new ways to add more subscribers to their lists.

Plus, the leads you generate, the more 'market share' and ‘mindshare’ you will claim.
You'll have competition no matter which market you go into, and many of your subscribers will also be on competitor's lists.

You must strive to grab as large of a share of the market as possible, and see to it that your list becomes the preferred source of information and recommendations.