Follow Ups and List Relationships

posted under by CLYDE
Super affiliates have a systematic way of following up with leads, and they focus on building a 'personal' relationship with list subscribers.

However, your communication with your list must be consistent, even somewhat methodical.

A successful affiliate will plan his communications in advance, with a specific objective in mind.

This doesn't mean you avoid spontaneity. Rather, it means that your follow ups and relationship-building efforts should be, in part, guided by your branding objectives.

Your subscriber will have already formed an initial impression about you based on what he or she saw on your opt-in page and 'thank you' page. Therefore, your follow ups must strive to build on this image, as well as reinforce its continuity.

Really, what you have in front of you is TWO objectives:

1) Follow up on the information and offer made on the opt-in page, and

2) Begin building a relationship with your subscribers that goes deeper than just trying to 'get the sale' from them.

Performing this job effectively requires skill and practice. You must learn when to push the focus of your follow ups more towards the product versus when to hold back and put the focus on pure, informational content.

The way a super affiliate does this is by making use of both an autoresponder and a blog to insert the right content at the right time.

You need to have an in-depth understanding of the products you're promoting
and how to present them. You also need to plan out in advance what type of information you want to feed to your list, and when – while keeping an eye on balancing your two main
objectives: Getting sales and building the trust relationship.