Why Use Subdomains

posted under by CLYDE
The enormously popular and colossal Google AdSense Heavyweight About.com is a fabulous example of an effective use of Subdomains.

About.com at its core is about stuff, that is all organized into subdomains. Although clicking on the topics on the home page take you to a subfolder – the actual contents are organized into subdomains.

This structure has proven very effective for About.com – just look at the number of pages in Google’s index to see how much they like this website. You can hardly swing a dead mouse on the world’s largest search engine without hitting an About.com page.

I’ve always felt that one of the reasons for About’s success is that since English is read from left to right – you see the subdomain words first in the search results – while a “duh” word like “about” is rendered basically invisible to the eye.

If you have seen those funny emails where every word is misspelled and discover that if you scan it quickly you can read every word – because adults don’t so much “read” every word but recognize word shapes.

Most people are all about on page factors, and knock themselves out to get their page in the search engine index – but studies show that what your search results looks like in the engine’s index is CRITICAL to your CTR.

This is one reason I think Yahoo Search is a piece of crap and never use it – the search results are so littered with ads and junk on top, on the side, on the bottom which have pushed organic results to the minimum.

Stastical data research studies have shown that using your keywords in your domain name increase your SEO success. Many SEO experts theorize that, beyond what seems obvious to me, that a site called RedBalloons.com is likely about Red Balloons, that
that the explanation for keywords in the domain is likely attributable to the fact that most of your inbound links use your domain in the anchor text.

This makes sense in that Google’s algorithm is admittedly about links if the anchor text, contains your keywords you get a certain boost. So it’s easy to see how using a subdomain with your keywords in a subdomain for linking purposes will help your overall SEO.