BUM Marketing Plan

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Critical to your long-term success is a non-patterned approach. Relevant content sites will NEVER go out of style, so make yours YOUnique. There is no reason to use a page generation software (unless you’re linking them to competitors website and driving down their relevancy – not that I’m recommending it!).

Why? Because being too lazy can get you caught!
  • Mass content generation sites – caught!
  • Mass blogs – caught!
  • Mass pings – caught!
  • Same I.P.s – caught!
  • Duplicate content – caught!
  • Auto-building – caught!

YOU need to use the original BUM Marketing system as a STARTING point. That’s the beginning The lace to grow from. Then make your own P.L.A.N. to ensure that you are slightly different from other bums.

Pass on Predictability & Patterns = create relevant processes.

DON’T do what everyone else does. Add elements. Add ideas. Take previous knowledge and apply it in the a new way to BM. Doing what everyone else is doing will get you…  caught!
  • Use additional article directories.
  • Post in high page ranking forums in your niches.
  • Outsource to someone who does not know BM, but does know SEO.
  • Read every thread in the Warrior Forum and see if there is a pattern to avoid. See how you could tweak what is being said to your benefit.
Create a model of operations that is YOURS. It does not have to be difficult or time consuming. The more streamlined the better. The more intuitive, the better. The less predictable, the better.

What is a model of operations? It’s like a launch sequence.
  1. Affiliate Product Research meeting certain criteria
  2. Keyword research meeting certain criteria
  3. Article Writing
  4. Site development
  5. Content Promotion
  6. Repeat
You can stick with those steps while only changing the WAYS you go about it. The tools you use. The place you promote your content. Applying the mechanics to your steps becomes your mode of operation.

Why does BM work so well? It’s HUMAN. Stuff done my hand has a great chance of succeeding. It communicates, “I’m real and here to stay.”

Learn from victory = multiply the principle.

Know success. Be able to recognize it. Not just $, but Traffic. Conversion. Sign-ups. Emails.

Be able to recognize what a win is for you and repeat it. Tweak it. What will a win look like for you?
  1. Getting ranked?
  2. Getting published?
  3. Completing the job?
  4. Locating a converting affiliate product?
  5. Traffic that is repeating?
Come to terms with what victory will be for YOU. Then begin to expand it.

There is too little celebration of success in Internet Marketing. Even if the project as a whole fails to meet expectation, determine what DID go right and learn from it.

FIRST: Capture the principle. A principle can be used across the board to build your business. The inability of people to recognize principles is the reason there are so many niches in the world.

I create and sell products for public speakers. The principles are the same across the board. The concepts and ideas are identical. But teachers want one resource, attorney’s another, and business owners another. They each THINK they have to have something with “their” name on it.

When we train ourselves to see principles instead of practices then we’ll stop saying “That wont work for me” to “I’m gonna be rich!!”

SECOND: Capture the plays. When Paul Bear Bryant, famed coach of Alabama, began his coaching career he went to a friend and said, “I ain’t got any good plays. I need your playbook.”

Take the Warrior Forum and WSOs for example. There are a LOT of principles you can play off of mentioned in the forum, or that are subtly there.

Don’t just read and post. Look for the principle within the play and USE IT!

Assess Regularly & Rapidly = cut losses.
  1. Know your metrics…
  2. Traffic
  3. Conversion
  4. Number of times an article is viewed
  5. Number of views of a post
  6. Profit per hour (so you know what you’re worth and if you are wasting time).
  7. Time to completion of articles, sites, research, etc.
You do NOT have to spend hours pouring over the numbers.

For example:

I look for a “primary” number on each site: the page that gets the most traffic. Then I connect the next highest traffic page to that page. I also put my most responsive affiliate product on that page.

So a five second look at traffic stats can tell me where I need to fine-tune my site layout.

Do that with all your numbers. If you really want to do some crunching, set side an afternoon and dedicate time to it, but don’t get so busy counting beans that you forget to plant them.

Never Tell Unless You Sell = make money off the process.

Have you ever wondered WHY people sell their “secrets”?

It’s running out of time. Not as effective as it once was. They see the light at the end of the tunnel. Haven’t you noticed how quickly Adsense died once multiple page generation software hit the market? The guys using it KNEW it would be short lived.

Want the praise of discovery. Have you seen the FedEx commercial where the guy made ONE right decision in a meeting then used that as his life-anchor? Some want this. They want the praise that comes with sharing something new and being smart.

Nice. Believe it or not some guys. Some just want to help the “other team” out a bit. That’s what Travis has done with BM. Sure, he’s going to do some affiliate sales, but for the most part, he’s just a good guy looking to help.

Money. They know the idea is good and won’t lose effectiveness. Relationship forged with those helped may create income down the road.

If you have some secrets you feel like sharing here’s what I’ve noticed: People argue, critique, and whine when FREE tips are shared. They see no value.

If you have VALUABLE information, then sell it. I’ve ordered dozens of WSOs and will gladly continue to pay for great ideas and concepts.

The Key: The reason this is part of your P.L.A.N. is that you should be creating some valuable processes. WORTH selling even if you give them away.