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As a super affiliate, you must focus on improving conversion at all levels.

Conversion, in essence, means how many people out of 100 take a given action.

For example, if 5 people out of 100 visitors to your web site decide to opt-in to your list, then your opt-in page has a 5% conversion rate.

Likewise, if your opt-in list has 500 subscribers and 200 of them respond (purchase a product) to an offer you send, then you have a 40% conversion rate. There are many factors which go into conversion. The only way to improve is to learn how to test and track your conversion rate.

This means testing out different 'tactics' while measuring the effects these changes have on your conversions.

Opt-In Pages for example, can be run through a series of tests on these factors:

  • Use of graphics versus text-only page
  • Headlines and sub-headlines (which ones capture your visitor's attention?)
  • Long versus short copy on opt-in page
  • The 'offer': or what you use to entice people to opt-in to your list.

Follow Up E-mail Conversion can be run through tests using factors such as:
  • Better e-mail subject lines (to improve e-mail 'open and read' rates)
  • Time sensitive offers
  • Bonuses
  • How you present an offer (the tone and language you use), which benefits
  • are emphasized, whether it helps to mention guarantees and refund policies, etc.
  • Directing subscribers to a blog or main web site to read reviews, watch video tutorials, etc.
This is just a short list of some of the most common things affiliates test and track in an effort to improve conversion rates across the board.