Active Brand Building

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Super affiliates do not remain anonymous. Instead, they work to build instant brand and name recognition. Branding is a proven trust-builder, as well as a publicity tool. The more brand-
awareness you build, the faster you acquire new customers.

It’s the same principle at work here as you see off-line with new product launches or even with celebrities. The more you see or hear a product or person's name mentioned, the more likely
you are to give them a chance.

It goes without saying that existing brands benefit from a market's automatic trust in established brands (with good reputations). This is just human nature.

If you were faced, for example, with the choice between a $5 off-brand radio versus a $15 Sony radio, you'd more than likely choose the latter, even though it is $10 higher in price.

Building your brand as a super affiliate means employing some key tactics, including:
1) Using your full name and personal picture on (some) opt-in pages, 'Thank You' pages, on your blog, etc.

2) Make sure any graphics you use as site headers, in special reports or products you've created, display your name and personal image.

3) Creating a recognizable personality, tone or 'performance' style. In other words, what is your image? What image do people associate with your name?

Let's say you want to go into the 'health niche'? Maybe your image is that of a 'rebel' who shares alternative health information the medical community doesn't want anyone to know?

Or, perhaps, you want to promote 'beauty products', and your is image is that of 'the girl next door' who discovered how to get super-model looks using inexpensive products?
You'll carry this across not just visually, but also in the way you speak and write.

4) Come up with a memorable 'tag line' or slogan.

5) Focus on creating a logo and color scheme for all sites, reports and bonus products.

The key is really in tailoring your image TO your market - determine how to best present 'your story' to them.

Understand how they respond to language:

Is it best to speak to them as casually as possible, or do they require a more formal, professional tone?

Use market-appropriate graphics and colors:

For example, if you are running an affiliate site targeted towards parents of newborns, you wouldn't want your site's color scheme to be gun-metal gray and red! Instead, you'd want to use softer, more neutral colors.

Finally, make sure you begin your branding work from the very beginning.

Even if you don't know what you want for a logo yet, you can still get the ball rolling by making sure to put your name and picture on things like your “Thank You” page, blog and in any freebie reports you give away.