10 Sites You Should Know

posted under by CLYDE
1. ScamBusters
The submitter of this SiteSighting claims that it's the #1 site on Internet fraud. Well after visiting the ScamBusters site and signing up for their newsletter,
I'm inclined to agree.
I think my favorite part of the site is the Urban Legends section. If you've ever received an email about anti-perspirant causing cancer or some kid who needs a kidney transplant,(which I think all of us have) then I'm sure you'll appreciate it as well.

2. Pay Per Click Analysts
Pay per clicks are a great way to bring targeted traffic to your site, because you only pay when someone actually visits your site. It's a great idea, but now it's been copied so many times that it's impossible to keep up with which ones are worth getting listed in, and which ones you should avoid.
That's what makes Pay Per Click Analyst such a useful site. They keep tabs on all the new PPCs and tell you which ones are the best. If you're serious about marketing

3. Translating the Internet
If you do a lot of business with people from other countries, or if you just have friends that speak another language, T-Mail could be just the thing for you. They give you a FREE email account and it translates your incoming foreign language email into English. It also allows you to surf the web in foreign countries in English. I realize this won't apply to everybody, but for those of you who do a lot of business outside of your native land, it could very well be a Godsend.

4. Free Email Directory
Want your business to go international? This is the best place I've found to get email addresses around the world. Think globaglobally, appear local. It has a few pop-ups, but hey, somebody has to pay the bills.

5. Yale's Web Style Guide
This is the definitive web style guide covering everything that has to do with site and page design. If you're new, this site can be a great place to learn the basics. And if you're an experienced designer, this site is a great place to review the basics and polish your skills.

6. Self Promotion.com
The World Wide Web is littered with sites that want to tell you the best way to get your site listed in the major search engines. Search engine auto-submitters are also a dime a dozen, so it may surprise you to know that that's exactly what this site is all about.
The thing that sets this site apart, however, is this sentence (which can be found on the site's homepage): "If you feel the site is useful, then pay me what YOU think the advice and service is worth!" That's right! The site owner actually offers access to his research, services, and programs for FREE! You only pay him what you think it's worth. A deal like that is certainly worth a look, wouldn't you agree?

7. Free Web Tools, Web Builder 101, and The Free Site
These sites are so closely related that I decided to just include them together. Each one of them offers free tools for webmasters and online business owners, so between the three you should be able to find something immediately useful to your business.

8. Setup Generator
Basically, Setup Generator is a simple freeware installer, designed to help you quickly and easily create installation setup files for your products. Not only does it make the installation process easier on your customers, it also adds a touch of professionalism to your product.

9. CJB.net
If you're using a long affiliate URL in your promotions, or have an email account that you'd like to get forwarded to your main one, then CJB.net may have just what you need. They offer free sub-domains, as well as URL and email forwarding, which makes it more than worthy enough to hold a space in my favorites bar. The only downside is that you have the cjb.net ending on your URL, but it's still shorter than some of the affiliate links out there.

10. Publicity Insider
Even though this site sells a product, it still has a whole lot of free info on how to get quality PR for your business. And as a person who recently benefited from an online news article, I can tell you that it's quite possibly the best form of advertising you'll ever see.