How To Find Awesome Niches

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I think your going to like this article because I go against everything that I have said on this site before. Finding niches is easy, finding hungry, profitable niches isn’t. Yep, it’s the first thing on the entire site that will take a little bit of work to get right.

Don’t worry though, you don’t need to find a winning niche every time, even I don’t do that. I only wish I could.

Spending weeks searching for the perfect niche isn’t going to help either because there isn’t any perfect niches out there. Each have there own advantages and disadvantages most of which you won’t find out about until you have a site in the niche and have done some promotion.

So let’s get started, I’m going to show you each of the steps I take before selecting a niche market.

Brainstorming – This is the first step that I take before proceeding any further. I brainstorm a range of things that I could create a content site on. I’m sat in my office now and I just by looking around I can see at least 20 potential niches.

Let me think… we need an example niche, don’t we? I think that a medical site would be a good example because they always sell really well. I think we should go with depression. Something I know nothing about because I’m a happy guy :)

Next we need to do a bit more digging into the niche, see if the depression niche has any smaller niches because I know that depression is going to be a big niche. We do this by using keyword tools.

Basic Keyword Research – This isn’t supposed to be in-depth research. Your simply finding some of the most searched keywords in the niche that may be considered as sub-niches. I’m going to do this for the niche I’m using as an example – depression.

I used the Wordtracker keyword tool to do this research. Some of the sub-niches that are in the depression niche are, teen depression, manic depression, postpartum depression and clinical depression. You could build a site around each of these sub-niches if you wanted to dominate the niche. I’m going to use teenage depression as the sub-niche that I’m going to look into further.

In Depth Keyword Research – This is usually the place where I have problems. I find some sub-niches that seem to be good niches to have sites but find at this stage there isn’t enough keywords in the sub-niche to target. Your main keyword should have at least 100 searches per day and there should be at least 10-15 keywords that get at least 15-30 searches per day depending on how big you want your content site to be.

My niche teenage depression isn’t a bad niche and it would be find to create a site in the niche but there isn’t as many searches for some of the keywords as I would have liked. The chances of me finding an awesome niche first time were low, I’m doing this research as I’m typing and I didn’t plan before. Maybe I should have… but either way I’m going to keep using this niche as an example.

Write down all the keywords because we’re going to be using them very soon to build the website.

Get To Know The Niche – You wouldn’t buy a house that you haven’t seen would you? So why should be virtual real estate be any different, you need to do your niche research first and find out everything you can about the niche.

I usually open a text file and include all of the research I do in this step in it. I do a few searches for some of my keywords and find the authority sites in the niche, find the top forums and products that are currently being sold. If you can’t find any authority sites or forums in your niche this should raise alarm bells and you should find out why.

That is basically everything that I do. I record everything that I have done so I can use this information again.

I think I’m going to go and create a site in the teenage depression niche now. Although it isn’t the best niche in the world it is good enough for a simple content site flip. Your not going to get it right every time.